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Get Nutritional Facts For Ingredients
An easy way to find out what you're eating or about to eat or buy. NutritionFacts provides you with detailed information and a unique, easy to read label where you can find out more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy foods.
Calculate Nutritional Facts for your Recipes
Our Nutritional Facts Calculator will help you with understanding your meals and recipes. If you're a business owner, you may use our Calculator to generate Nutritional Labels for your menu or dish. Easy to use, very detailed and intuitive tool that generates a color-coded label.
Easy to read and understand Label
On NutritionFacts, we designed a Nutrition Facts Label, that is simple to read, easy to understand and it also looks pretty. Please check out the Label page for more information about how to read the Label and what is the meaning of various colors.
Be Social! Put generated label ANYWHERE!
After you've added your recipe or looked up an ingredient or a menu item at your favorite restaurant, you can share the generated nutrition facts label pretty much anywhere. Simply click the "Get the Widget Code" button and copy\paste the code anywhere*.